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We will plan and design the built environment in a way that promotes the well-being of our planet, our communities and our individual lives. We will provide innovative yet realistic design solutions using our genuinely collaborative design process.

OHP+D has adopted an evidence-based design approach to assess how the built environment impacts the natural world. This includes scrutiny of how the materials we use in our designs are manufactured and transported.

ecOh also encompasses the environmental sensitivity that employees of Oh bring to their professional and personal lives. As an office we focus on the ways environmental sensitivity is shared though office operations, the way we communicate, education, and project pursuits of every scale.

We promote sustainable and holistic business practices by identifying and sharing innovative methods to incorporate green practices into our design practice, office environment, homes and communities.



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-We use the best technology in Building Information Modeling (BIM) available.

-Project communication is streamlined and paperless with Bluebeam.

-Teleconference and videoconference technology is utilized.

-We design with sustainability first, to benefit our clients, our community, and our world.


-We have a monthly educational series produced by team members. Members get to share knowledge that they are interested in.

-Dedicated time is provided for continuous education in cutting edge Revit and BIM management.

-Dedicated time is provided for continuous education for LEED accreditation maintenance.

-We upkeep and communicate sustainability best practices with our team.


-OHP+D is a leader in sustainable practice and design.

-We strive to create meaningful and advantageous relationships.

-We provide sustainable resources to the community
Architecture 2030
Living Building Challenge


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-We are certified Gold 2015-2017 by Portland’s Sustainability at Work program.


-We participate in common recycling and recycling programs that go beyond, like B-Line Recycling. We participate in commercial composting.

-We have computers set to print double sided for paper reduction.

-We reuse one-sided paper to create notebooks when applicable.

-We use certified cleaning products including: Cradle to Cradle, USDA Certified Bio Based, US EPA Design for the Environment, etc.

-Sustainable catering practices are used for events.

-We provide reusable dishware and utensils.

-Paperless alternatives are used whenever possible.


-Our office has operable windows and shades.

-Our office has plants that improve indoor air quality.

-We work with our building management team to ensure our mechanical system is tuned and efficient.


-The building management team asses and monitors the mechanical system.

-Computers are set to energy saving settings.

-Our office has natural daylight.

-Our office has lighting with daylight dimming.

-All office appliances are Energy Star certified.

-Occupancy sensors are installed in all common areas.

-We provide task lighting for all personal stations.


-Office and restroom fixtures are water efficient.


-Encourage employee public transit by offering subsidized Trimet passes.

-Provide a link to Trimet’s trip planner on website to encourage alternative travel.

-Our office is centrally located next to major transit stops.

-We provide secure, in-office bike storage.

-We provide bike maintenance resources.

-A changing room and shower is available for commuters.

-A fuel efficient company car is provided.

-Bike based services are used for local deliveries.


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-We are a proud MWBE & WBE DBE/ESB

-We employ a diverse team.


-We volunteer for environmental improvement projects and programs for the advancement of children.


-We give annually to a KGW’s Great Toy Drive.

-We give annually to a school supply drive for Friends of the Children.