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The United States relies heavily on the burning of fossil fuel sources to meet ever growing energy demands. One of these sources, natural gas, has underwent dramatic modernization in the past 25 years, experiencing a boom in the unconventional method of natural gas extraction known as hydraulic fracturing. Hydraulic Fracturing, or ‘Fracking’ has been touted as a miracle resource for the United States, providing access to a wealth of natural gas stores, previously unreachable by conventional methods. However, this method of extraction poses considerable danger to the communities within proximity to drilling. Water contamination, methane pollution, and even earthquake activity has been linked to hydraulic fracturing, while natural resource companies continue to assert its safety. Three states have imposed outright bans on fracking, while others steam ahead with the boost in industry, despite the risk. Is hydraulic fracturing a safe transition fuel or a looming natural disaster?

Take a look at the presentation 2018-04 – Hydraulic Fracturing
Presented by: John Treber

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