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July 2017 | Education Series | Historical Preservation & Reconstruction

Historic Preservation is an important practice that aims to conserve, save, and protect buildings and landscapes of historical significance. Some independent federal agencies, such as The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, promote the preservation and sustainable use of a nation’s diverse historic resources. There are environmental, social, and economic benefits associated with the preservation and reuse of these buildings that makes this practice vital. Historical Preservation also encourages environmental stewardship through the reduction of resource and material consumption that transpires during new construction and demolition.


Another benefit of Historical Preservation is the protection of cultural identities. By preserving a building or landscape associated with a particular heritage, the community is strengthened and enriched by the educational opportunities embodied by the place. The more the community is involved, the more attractive and effective an area will become for everyone.

Check out the presentation 2017-07 – Historical Preservation

Presented by: Jasmeen Ezat-Agha

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