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OHPD Travels to Finland for Comparative Education Systems Tour

In March of 2018, four of Oh planning+design, architecture’s staff, including principal Deb France, associates Tim Ayersman and Caitlin McGehee, as well as job captain Colin McNamara, went on a career-altering trip to Finland to research their educational system, which has been recognized as the best in the world.

The purpose of the trip was to learn about the success of the Finnish system, to integrate their pedagogy into future projects, and to reaffirm OHPD’s position as a strong leader in K12 design for the Pacific Northwest.

During the trip, OHPD staff participated in workshops with teachers, students and board members that explored Finland’s national core curriculum and how this produced their world-renowned educational program. The team spent time in small groups with Finnish students and ended their days in round table discussions that analyzed ideal learning spaces. OHPD toured several schools while in Finland, including the Saunalahti and Kirkkojarvi schools, as well as the Sipoo Schools

The trip was revelatory and exciting, and the staff who participated in the adventure brought back a wellspring of knowledge that our firm has shared and discussed in detail. We look forward to imparting our newfound knowledge with our clients! Below are some photos of the spaces we explored.


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