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A Green Light at the End of the Tunnel

The quality of our lives depend on the quality of our environment. OHPD’s mission seeks to optimize our built environment to boost and augment the health and comfort of all of earth’s inhabitants. The mission of environmental conservation and restoration is this undertaking but on a global scale. With the understanding that we are an integral part of a whole – where we cannot exist without the whole thriving in diversity and vibrancy – we must act with the responsibility of the generations to come.

Advances and discoveries in technology will enable the world to move beyond the volatile nature of the economy and social structure. Rapidly falling prices in the solar market, across the globe and at home, have given potential to be aggressively competitive with the disastrous and divisive fossil fuel industry. Wind is seeing its heyday now more than ever, recently celebrating the employment of more people than coal, according to the 2017 US Energy and Employment Report from the US Department of Energy. February 2017 also saw Wind graduate to the fourth largest source of US energy behind coal, nuclear and natural gas. Wind also has more generating capacity at 82 gigawatts than hydropower at 80 GW making it the number one renewable energy source in the US. Tom Keirnan, the CEO of American Wind Energy Association, says “American wind power is on track to double our output over the next five years, and supply 10% of US electricity by 2020.”

The US solar market already employs more people in electric generation than oil, coal, and gas combined. Solar is the leader in electricity generation jobs with over 370 thousand jobs, or 43% of all jobs in electric generation and counting. While existing renewable technology is becoming more efficient and competitive in price there are other new developments on the horizon.  New discoveries in methods of electricity storage and generation are truly out of this world. Researchers at Harvard are developing non-toxic, noncorrosive aqueous solution batteries that can last decades. LightSail Energy has invented a battery that uses air compression and heat storage for ultra clean on demand kinetic energy. Perhaps the most revolutionary battery invention in the works is by those at the University of Bristol, which can help convert and clean up nuclear waste. The new technology can produce carbon -14 diamond batteries made from spent nuclear fuel and waste. The near harmless form of radioactive carbon can then power devices like any old AA or AAA battery, with more sparkles of course.

Energy generation technology is also seeing a renaissance. The secrets of Nikola Tesla are being rediscovered with concurrent development of electromagnetic generators. The ideal EM generator can employ the full electromagnetic spectrum rather than just visible light like solar panels do. Some innovations like the one made by Infinity Sav Team work similarly to a perpetual motion machine that continuously outputs net positive energy once started. Another type of generator is motionless and pulls energy from the ether.

Even with multinational corporation money lining the pockets of our new government, there is no stopping the green tide of clean energy and the revolution of well-being. Business as usual will not last. The People have woken up to the inequities and injustices that have gone hand in hand with the destruction of our environment, our cultures, and in many cases our homes. Just remember, there is a bright future at the end of this dark­­ tunnel. Can you see it too?

Devin Graham

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