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Portland Community College Solar Feasibility Study

Support student success by delivering access to quality education while advancing economic development and promoting sustainability in a collaborative culture of diversity, equity and inclusion.

The Future of Energy

OHP+D with solar specialist was commissioned by Portland Community College (PCC), to assess the total photovoltaic solar capacity of PCC Campus rooftops over five campus sites, parking areas and land available for ground mount solar arrays. The feasibility study 1) Identified potential for an estimated 2,197,060 kWh in annual electricity production through rooftop solar arrays, 2) Included a 2,144,716 kWh/y capacity ground mounted field array, 3) Encompassed 6 PCC Campuses targeted to receive PV arrays, 4) Analyzed 30+ PCC campus building rooftops for potential solar build out.


  • Date : 2011
  • Client : Portland Community College
  • Status : Completed
  • Location : Portland, Oregon