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Guided by sustainable design values, ethical and social responsibility, and sustainable business practices.

OHPD operates in a way that utilizes best business practices in support of sustainability & the three spheres of future life: social justice, economic prosperity and environmental quality.


Oh use computerized business forms instead of paper and recycled content on all published materials. Two-sided printing, photocopying and 'Scan to Email' printer function are used to reduce paper consumption. Oh employs the use of multiple libraries to share resources including a digital materials-resource, a reference book library, and non-fiction library.


In the office kitchen, Oh encourages reusable kitchen supplies as the first option (i.e. ceramic coffee mugs, silverware). Office provided coffee, tea, and other drinks are purchased in bulk quantities and staff meals are regularly set-up as buffets, to reduce individual packaging.


OHPD supports environmental awareness by encouraging recycling and waste management in its business practices and operating procedures. The office encourages and educates staff on proper procedures of recycling and has incorporated office paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, light bulbs, printer cartridges and electronic devices into the recycling program.


OHPD encourages a healthy and sustainable office environment by improving the quality of indoor air through the use of operable windows and shading for manually controlled cross-ventilation, the use of approved Green Seal Standard products for all cleaning supplies to increase air quality, conducting regular thermal comfort surveys to maximize comfort and office productivity and the use of air scrubbing plants.


OHPD supports an energy-efficient office environment by reducing our energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions by working with building owners to routinely monitor and repair our building’s HVAC system while also using a highly efficient water heater and set it to lower temperature to increase energy savings


OHPD supports a sustainable office environment by reducing our water consumption through ongoing usage monitoring and the use of water-efficient faucet aerators installed in sinks.


OHPD encourages the decrease of greenhouse gas emissions through alternative transportation methods by encouraging public transit by offering public transportation passes at discounted rates to employees, providing secure in-office storage and showers for bike commuters, and the use of shared office vehicles.



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