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Social Diversity

Oh planning+design is committed to promoting diversity through our office.

We thrive by building a community of diversity and equity. Our goal is to help prepare women and minorities for the technical, leadership, and professional demands of working in the field of design and construction. We are a 100% woman-owned full service architectural firm and certified WBE/DBE/ESB.

​Oh supports social diversity by:

Encouraging the mixture of different perspectives, talents and ideas that are crucial to our success. Acting as an equal opportunity employer, and ensuring all employment decisions are based on merit, qualifications and abilities

Actively engaging our community, through our cOhmmunity committee, as members of a multicultural society while giving back, inspiring change in ourselves and others, and promoting the active social engagement of members of the community and our employees.

Working with diverse firms, and over the years have consulted with many MWBE and MBE certified businesses.



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