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As some broken monitors started piling up in the office, we in the Sustainable Office Committee wanted to find a responsible way to dispose of our non-working electronic devices. Considering the implications of product disposal is directly tied to Sustainable Development Goal #12.

In Oregon, there is an e-waste disposal ban which requires that unwanted computers, TVs, monitors and more be recycled instead of land-filled, and to have the associated costs put on the manufacturer. These items are not picked up by local haulers and instead must be brought to special handling facilities. These facilities are required to recycle up to seven items for free, but can place a price on additional items, pick-up or other premium services. The Oregon E-Cycles program also requires that recycling of these materials is processed by environmentally-sound methods that do not harm human health or the environment. Portland Metro residents can find out how to recycle their e-waste and more here.

Green Century Electronics Recycling picked up about 10 monitors, a few very old laptops, and some assorted cables for a modest fee. We choose this company because of their association with the E-cycles Program, their commitment to responsible recycling and their secure data destruction services.

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